Mozilla Firefox for iOS & Macbook

Mozilla Firefox for iOS & MacbookPeople these days were wondering and asking for the iOS version of the Mozilla firefox. But you will be happy to know that Mozilla firefox developers have launched the latest version of browser suitable for iOS. Now you can use mozilla software on you Apple Products too. It is recently released and widely using for test phases. This was already there but now it has got some new changes. Friends it is not a surprise that the availability of the company’s inaugural iOS browser. This was the app which has slow operations. This has been enlarged over a long period with emphasis placed on getting user feedback and making changes. This is the application which is the most usable application of the world. Last December, we reported that the non-profit browser maker.

What’s New in Version 9.0

  • Open Firefox tabs from the home screen with 3D Touch
  • Preview pages on your tab list with Peek and Pop
  • Automatically blocked all the third party trackers
  • Upgrade the sync facility between android and desktop
  • Open web pages in Firefox in Spotlight Search
  • Find words and phrases on a web page with Find in Page
  • Save and manage login information with Password Manager

Download Now

This is the product which is focused on keeping the Internet open, would reverse its long-held stance against developing software for the App Store. This time they have added some more features to it and it will be more amazing and awesome application among all browsers. Mozilla Firefox is primarily aimed at Mozilla users with support for Firefox accounts, which enables existing Mozilla loyalists to bring their saved bookmarks, tabs and passwords to mobile. This is the not the end here, it also holds the history of the history of the browsing, which you can use further in future to know where you have done. This is the application which is use for long.


Friends, after an early version of Firefox for iOS rolled out to a limited number of testers in May. But now you can use this app in its updates version for the free of cost. You will definitely feel the change in it and it will be more helpful for you. And if you want to know more about the Mozilla firefox, kindly bookmark us. We will share the latest updates related Firefox soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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