2018 Mozilla Firefox Quantum for Android Smartphones

Mozilla Firefox is open source browsing software that provides numerous number of features and fascinating advance customized options. It has been well known for providing leading privacy asset and protected browsing. Latest version of the Mozilla Firefox is Firefox Quantum with number of tech features which you can expand further. User can add advance extensions in order to get better built in potential of Mozilla Firefox. It offer you tabbed system browsing with customized options that has been standard for all browser since few years. You can easily tailor Mozilla Firefox quantum as per your requirement because this is fully customizable browser as compare to other. Unlike other browsers, you don’t need to follow the track provided by the developers. You can become your own developers and can make changes whatever you like. It is simply excellent and strong browser for fluent surfing.

2018 Mozilla firefox for Android

Android smartphone has accquired 74% of smartphone world, hence it is the most used smartphone platform till date. Mozilla firefox for Android Smartphones is also free of cost, you can download it from the Google Play Store of your smartphone. Let’s discuss about the latest version of Mozilla firefox which is Quantum.

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox Quantum?

Now you are get provided with better Push-On notification which would acts like an assistance to you. Browser will assist you with latest notification that will be displayed on the screen. You can simply enrich your lifestyle with fast push-on notification and can customize it at any time. Mozilla Firefox Quantum is spiced with cool themes in order to better your browsing time. It offers number of themes and background wallpapers you can prevent user interface from old school panels and default single theme.

Moreover Add-ons are available that i think is a better way to discover more from a browser. You can increase the functionality and efficiency of Mozilla Firefox 2018 by customizing it with latest add-ons. After they get downloaded on your computer system, it will be displayed on screen right left to it. User can prepare a Personal Toolbar as well. It is the simplest way to quick approach to some of most used URLs. This is just a breeze. We are going discuss some of the most used add-ons extension here right next which will definitely blow your mind. So let’s have a look on some of most used extension you can use with Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Ad-Blocker – It is the most used add-ons till date and have millions of active users. This add-on prevent you from bulky ads shown on some websites. It completely vanishes ads from the page you visit and show you only content provided by the authors. Not only it saves your time, but also saves efforts to find relevant material or informational stuff.
  2. Video DownloadHelper – It is also an essential add-on that enables you to download the videos streamed online. You can directly get the download link from the add-on which you can save for download later.

Since version 35, Mozilla has made a huge difference in the new version i.e. quantum. As compare to the earlier version of Mozilla Firefox, Quantum consumes less source. And if we compare it with other browsers like Chrome, Opera then it utilize 30% lesser RAM. This means you can get the same brewed content on the same system twice faster than others.

In Contrast

Above given information about the Mozilla Firefox Quantum is purely based upon the users reviews. It is not about to promote it, because you trust is our first priority. In conclusion, Mozilla Firefox Quantum is better than other browser with 30% lesser RAM consumption. It serves better performance at great loading speed. For information, you can visit official website of Mozilla Firefox. Thanks for visit us.

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